Louis Venter
TAG Corporate

Please allow me to compliment Jenna on the service she gave me every time I need to schedule flights around Africa. Traveling for over 20 years with Famous Brands and  previous companies I can assure you Jenna is the best I worked with. She is fast to respond and will always try alternatives where possible. It is a pleasure dealing with her taking that we never met before.


Julia Badlangana
TAG Corporate

Thank you so much for always constantly stepping in to assist me, I really appreciate your help, if we had more people in this world with your type of service delivery we would never falter with any tasks at hand and of course there would be less heart attacks!


Tiffany Markman
TAG Corporate

Thanks for the follow-up. The trip was fantastic and all of your hard work on the multiple flights and connections worked out perfectly. Not a hitch. We had a super time. Thanks so much for the help. We’ll be using you for all of our international or complex travel in future. Many thanks again!


Debra van der Westhuizen
TAG Corporate

  Helga has been absolutely fantastic in this transition, has excelled at providing information at very short notice with multiple changes, often working “a miracle” in the last hours of the work day. In to-days times it is seldom that such a high quality of service is given on a continuous basis and I think it pertinent to advise the management of the absolute asset they have in Helga as an employee.

Reabetswe Lebone
TAG Foundation
I appreciate what you have done for me by sponsoring me. I have enjoyed my time here in King Edward and I have grown phenomenally throughout my high school years.
Senzo Mkhize
TAG Foundation
I am very grateful for the oppertunity you have given me to learn at one of the greatest schools. My sport is going very well as I am playing for the 1st basketball team. Thank you again
Taygen Fuchs
TAG Foundation
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the amazing opportunity that you have presented me, to attend King Edward.  I think going to King Edward was definitely a step in the right direction and it's a great start to a bright, successful future for me.
Superlative Incentives

The tour was fantastic. I thought both Gill and Megan did a great job. Many thanks

Jack & Dunyel
Superlative Incentives

Just a quick note to thank you all for an incredible time. We truly are blessed being able to experience incentive trips such as these. Everything was taken care of and more. Your attention to detail and the lengths at which you all went to, is truly amazing.

Superlative Incentives

Jonathan, you and your team and certainly stepped up to the plate and again have done a phenomenal job. It’s been great working with you guys and we are really looking forward to the next trip.

Superlative Incentives

Just wanted to say well done and thank you for an awesome incentive trip to Mauritius! Everyone that I have spoken to since returning had an amazing time and most are pretty bewildered that it’s all over so quickly. A big thanks to you, Jonathan and the rest of the team for a very well organised trip that was full of fun! Till the next one......

Jonathan & Jennifer
Superlative Incentives

The Tour was a resounding success and it seemed that a good time was had by all those those took part. From our perspective it ran very well indeed and as a family, we had a memorable time. This was in part due to the fantastic work of both Gillian and Candice.

Superlative Incentives

Once again thank you for an amazing time! Your attention to detail is next to none and the way you put up with our group…you deserve a medal!

Superlative Incentives

Thank you for making Cortina such an awesome trip. The feedback received (verbally and through the survey) has been phenomenal and it is all due to your hard work, commitment and ensuring each individual has an experience of a lifetime!

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