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Gillian Hurford’s 20:21 reflections

Gillian Hurford's 20:21 reflections

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Gillian Hurford‘s 20:21 reflections
Smart, tenacious, and determined, that’s our Jazzy Gill!
Besides balancing the corporate challenges, motivating her Superlative & Incentives Team, Gill also found time to volunteer & help at the Pug Rescue during #lockdown2021.

On reflection Gill rightly points out, that the sense of community , outpouring of goodwill, a togetherness & empathy shown to strangers highlighted the ‘good’ of this time & pandemic. The sad, bad & ugly showed the desperation of the homeless, jobless & the many tragic circumstances so many South Africans have had to endure & are struggling with on a daily basis & all under poor stewardship & leadership of the powers that be.

Lessons learnt? Life is precious. Be grateful. Rethink your priorities. Appreciate the smaller things in life. Never Again – will I take travel for granted!

Why is TAG still the best choice going forward? Simply, we are HOPEFUL. Our TAG Team remains positive, upbeat & believe better days are ahead. TAG is an extraordinary organisation, united we will push through these challenges with grace & positivity.

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