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Mother City Load of Awards!

Proudly South African – Cape Town bags numerous #travelawards at the World’s Travel Awards held in Kenya over the weekend. The first round of the WTA focuses on regional accolades, before choosing the World’s Best. The awards for the Africa categories were released yesterday.

Table Mountain has officially earned yet another international award – ‘Africa’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2022’ – for the fourth year in a row.

The winners announced held Table Mountain amongst other African giants such as South Africa’s Blue Train which won ‘Africa’s Leading Luxury Train 2022’, Tanzania’s Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti which won ‘Africa’s Leading Luxury Safari Lodge 2022’, and Kenya’s Manda Bay which won ‘Africa’s Leading Private Island Resort 2022’.

The Mother City also added a few more awards in the Africa category:

Cape Town: ‘Africa’s Leading City Destination 2022’ for the second year in a row, amongst an extensive list of previous awards since 1998
Cape Town International Airport: ‘Africa’s leading Airport 2022’ for the sixth year in a row
The Silo Hotel: ‘Africa’s Leading Design Hotel 2022’, ‘Africa’s Leading Luxury Hotel 2022’, and ‘South Africa’s Leading Luxury Hotel 2022’
With the second World round still on its way, keep casting your votes ( to keep these global accolades in Cape Town where they belong, at the ‘World’s Best’ table.

Voting closes: 20 October 2022
Source: Cape Town Etc
Pic Credit: Juanita Swart

Congrats Cape Town Community, a vibrant City and favourite destination of TAG (Travel Assignment Group) #hashtagholidays inbound and outbound travellers; as it brings with it a colourful tapestry of culture, history, traditions, music, flavour and world class sights to adventure and enjoy.

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