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Surprise?! SAA’s Back!

The new SAA – 9 aircraft, 27 routes

Surprise?! SAA’s Back! BRPs plan is to retain 27 of the beleaguered airline’s 32 routes for the ‘new SAA’. All SAA’s existing leases cancelled, trimming the fleet to 9 aircraft, 5 international routes & 19 regional routes+Domestic Routes Jhb-CT, Dbn & PE routes.

Independent business rescue practitioner & aviation economist, Dr Joachim Vermooten, described the scale of operations that the BRPs had proposed (where 2021 flight demand is forecast to be 30% of 2019 demand) as far too large in the present environment.

He believes that the new SAA would do better if it were to completely drop its domestic routes, scale back on regional routes & focus on allocating all its resources to operate a few core intercontinental routes successfully.

“It doesn’t make sense for govt to take on so much risk & expense to operate domestic routes when SA is already well serviced by prvt companies who have demonstrated that they are willing to take on this risk & can do so successfully,” said Joachim.

So a pandemic year, already massive devastation on worldwide airline operations. We have SAA with a history corruption, govt interference, massive financial losses & lack of continuity at every level of management.

But this is the BRP’s & Govt’s plan?!
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