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Michael Copeland, SA U19 Team

Michael Copeland, squad member of the SA U19 Team

TAG’s, Michael Copeland, squad member of the SA U19 Team is now safely in their ‘covid bubble’ in Pretoria before departing to Kimberley to start their SA U19 fixtures on the Kimberley Oval.

The SA U19 squad will feature as the 16th team in the CSA 3-Day Provincial Cup and Provincial One-Day Challenge, scheduled to start on March 16. Shukri Conrad’s side will compete in two three-day matches and three 50-over encounters.

Mickey proudly representing TAG, KES, Imperial Lions and now South Africa is upbeat, positive and excited about the challenges ahead.

Mickey recently named Top Player CSA Cubs, Team Captain and talented all rounder of Imperial Lions, will have his work cut out for him and all eyes will be watching his performances going ahead.

Enjoy Mickey & lads, may the runs flow and the wickets be many in your favour.

We’re very proud of all your hard work and may continued rewards and accolades follow in this next chapter.