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Welcome Arinze Dlamini

Welcome Arinze Dlamini
Meet our new TAG Foundation King Edward VII School Grade 10 gent and an intro to some of His favourite things and fab 5 ‘likes & loves’ 👇
⭐️Arinze Dlamini, aka, Ariez
🗣Fav Saying: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
🍲Fav Food: Beef stew & rice
🦸‍♀️Fav Superhero: My mom
🏈⚽️Fav Team: Lions & Chelsea
💙Fav Colour: Blue
Have a great 2021 lads, super to have you part of the TAG Foundation family. Thank you to our valued sponsors and donors who are making this journey for Arinze and  possible🙏