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Extra Sunshine and Smiles

Extra Sunshine and Smiles

📢Traci and Senzo added extra sunshine and smiles when they brought gifts to our Parktown High School for Girls Taggers this morning! 

Gorgeous goodie bags filled with lovely stationery items kindly donated by long-time TAG Foundation friends Taryn Hompes & Cheryl Liebenberg of Macaroon were eagerly received. 

Thank you so much to Taryn & Cheryl for the donation of these items but also massive appreciation to you both, for always supporting our Foundation with requests of prizes or assisting us with the classy invites for our Annual TAG Foundation fundraiser event. You’ve travelled the long road with us and we love having you part of the TAG Tribe.

🙏🏻🥳👏🏽💗 Visit http://www.macaroon.co.za online stationery store and grab yourself some awesome goodies too📔🗃🗓📝✏ #tagpride💗 #gratefulthursday