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Keep the Skies Open!

Keep the Skies Open!

The Board of Airline Representatives of South Africa (Barsa) has issued a call to the South African govt to consider a balanced risk-adjusted strategy in its approach to air travel restrictions amid the third wave of the virus.

Barsa ceo, Zuks Ramasia, says regulation is the bedrock of the aviation industry, and it is already highly regulated. It continues to fully support all the health protocols that are aligned with the World Health Organization, Icao, the National Institute of Communicable Diseases and the SA Department of Health guidelines.

Global efforts to ensure travel bans are replaced with harmonised COVID-19 PCR-testing standards & validation of passengers’ vaccination status through innovative technologies such as the Iata Travel Pass is well supported & encouraged by all in the industry.

The aviation industry is essential for global business as it generates economic growth, creates jobs & facilitates international trade, travel & tourism.

Reset. Rebuild. Reconnect. Safely.

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