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A superb tour for our TAG lads representing School & Foundation across age groups U14 – Open at the Grey High Rugby Festival.
Our lads played with red heart, spirit and determination. The honour of representing our beloved crest is our inspiration, drive and passion.
Traci Stuart Gerber and Jonathan Gerber proudly watched from the side lines along with our supportive #RedArmy ❤️
Boys and School did us 💯proud; thank you hosts & sponsors of the Grey High Rugby Festival for hospitality and invite.
Good sound Day 2 results:
Reds 1st 15-22 Grey High
U16 35-7 Grey High
U15 10-0 Grey High
U14 0-27 Grey High
Day 1 Results
1st 20-12 vs Nico Malan
U16 17-12 vs Northwood
U15 12-7 vs Northwood
U14 19-14 vs Graeme College
We move forward into an exciting 2022 season – Go School! Thank you to all our amazing KES staff for making this possible.