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TAG (Travel Assignment Group) Superlative Incentives started the European Summer with a bang travelling to Dubrovnik Croatia with a group of 120 global passengers. The time in Dubrovnik was well spent in conference, tasting the culinary delights of the Adriatic and seeing all that this beautiful city has to offer.

Our TAG Superlative Groups & Incentives Team is a one-stop incentive marketing travel management company that caters for High-End Corporate Group Travel, Incentives and Events.

The dynamic trio of Gillian Hurford, Divisional Manager and Alison Leon and Candice Cabrita, Incentive Programme Managers offer a personalised, professional service focused on the very smallest details, providing our valued clients, a customised and excellent service for their next Conference, Convention, Sports Incentive Event and Corporate Getaway.

Through their research, their travel experience and the time and energy spent building relationships; it allows them to focus on the small elements that contribute to their unparalleled success and, most importantly, these ladies love what they do!

Do yourself and your team a favour and connect with Jazzy, Alison and Candice today – they have a ‘targeted strategy and plan’ just right for you ;0

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