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#mondaymotivation from the #bossman Jonathan Gerber writing on a sunday evening to TAG (Travel Assignment Group) Team on his & James Gerber absolutely amazing experience and journey in Hona, Hawaii so far.

“James has had a brilliant week training and acclimatizing and I am loving the culture and spirit of Hawaii, Flippen hell I have even done some exercise!

On a serious note I would like to thank all of you at TAG for providing James and I with the opportunity to be here, without you and the business behind us, we could never be here. We are truly grateful to all of you for that privilege and opportunity. Thank you.

Being in tourism I always look at the product on offer, the place, the people and the experience. Whilst I know that this is the home of the Iron Man World Champs, I have been blown away by the experience.  Never in my life have I seen a people live their culture to such a degree, its honestly a privilege.

Why do I say this? Please allow me to give three examples, which I will try and do through three local words:

‘Aloha’ – simply put this means ‘hello’. But it is so much more, the expression is truly WELCOME. Not just to a foreign visitor but a warmth and greeting that actually means welcome. It’s not just hello, it’s how can I help you, how can I make your experience better, how can I make this your best holiday ever? It’s exceptional.

‘Mohana’ – simply put means ‘thank you’.  But its so much more, the expression is truly BLESS YOU. Thanks for coming, thank you for the opportunity to serve and please, how can I make it so good that you come back again? It’s exceptional.

‘Ohana’ – means ‘family’. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. In Hawaii family is everything, not just your and my family but our family. And once they serve you, you are family. Wow could we learn a thing or two from these Hawaiian’s. It’s exceptional.

So whilst James is training hard for the World Champs, I am in awe of the hospitality World Champs. James and I are both immersing ourselves in the experience, it is truly wonderful. We are privileged to be here and couldn’t be here without all of you. So from James and I on this Sunday night we would both just like to say, Mohana to our Ohana. We miss you all, but we will come back better.” – JG.

Go well Jonny & Jimmy G, you’re on a mission, ‘Mission Possible’ and we believe the best is yet to come. Thank you for the ‘inside scoop’ and news shared from this #bucketlistadventure

TAG Ohana cheering you both on💙✈️🤙🏼

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