TAG Foundation

What A Vibe – What a Tribe

If you followed our TAG (Travel Assignment Group) Foundation ‘live’ feeds and stories last night on our socials, you would have seen and enjoyed the fun, excitement and success this TAG event was hosted by our #tagbrother James Gerber

Our cups are overflowing with love, appreciation & thankfulness to ALL the #tagtribe friends & family that supported James on ‘Mission Possible’..to change lives, to make a difference.

Thank you💯! Great appreciation to
MC Mike Sharman 🎤, a legend, blast & whole red class vibe of his own♥️💫

❗️Big Announments❗️

🗣Prize Winners – Mauritius Holiday🇲🇺
– Natalie and Simon Wilkins😍

And now the new owner of the famous Malcolm Marx boots was the lucky
Riaan Van Der Merwe👏🏻🔥
Touch, pause & set👟👟

🗣Prize Winner…Peter Gordon
Cheers mate!😉🍷

More pics on our TAG Foundation FB pages – go check it out.

Massive thanks to ALL who supported from far and wide and especially to the those very special people who attended the event last night.

Together we can do more. Onwards and upwards to changing more lives in 2023.

Jonathan Gerber Joelene Roberts Gavin Stevens Senzo Mkhize King Edward VII School Kim Parker Irene Van Aswegen Zoelfah Martin Nadine Morley michelle powell Shirani Gaymans Terry Annandale
Henry Annandale Candice Cabrita Gillian Hurford Alison Leon

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