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It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

So what does #travel look like, further down the road?

A recent Amadeus report, Traveller Tribes 2033 report, gave some interesting insight into the future of travel.

Independent insight agency Northstar Research Partners conducted the research, which involved speaking to 22 experts from fields inside and outside travel, surveying 10 345 travellers from 15 countries, and collecting 5,84 million data points.

Four traveller tribes were identified for 2033:

Excited Experientialists: Have a try-it-and-see approach, mid- to high-income and few commitments, and are well positioned to explore the world, making up 25% of all travellers.

Memory Makers: Comfortable with themselves, focusing on people and on-trip experiences but have less time for sustainability, making up 17% of all travellers.

Travel Tech-fluencers: Young business travellers currently on modest incomes, they are confident this will rise as they travel the world in search of opportunity. They make up 15% of all travellers.

Pioneering Pathfinders: With above-average income, these live a progressive, fast-paced life, always looking for their next big adventure. The largest portion of travellers will be part of this tribe, at 43%.

Most exciting Key Findings:

44% identified quicker travel to their destination.
36% identified remembering their travels in more vivid ways.
35% identified being able to travel in more environmentally friendly ways.
34% identified how technology will reduce problems during travel.
34% identified the different ways they will pay for more affordable trips.

Most concerning key findings:

44% identified an increase in cyber security attacks.
41% identified how safe the data they share will be.
36% identified travel being unaffordable.
36% identified political instability.
34% identified trips being more expensive due to environmentally conscious travel

So how do you see your future travel experience Taggers?

What we know at TAG (Travel Assignment Group) is this:

We’re dedicated and committed to improving the end-to-end passenger/client experience through our advanced technology but it is our people, our skill set, our agents vast experience, knowledge, determined and dedicated attitude, to ‘get it done’, that sets us apart. Our #TAGtribe sets the vibe.

We do it differently now and into the future. Get on board, it’s going to be one hellavu ride, right!!

Happy Hump Day Travels Taggers✈️✌🏼

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