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Great leaders find ways to use celebratory stories, inspiring metaphors, consistent systems and personal examples to remind people why they are there. ~ Ken Burkey

TAG (Travel Assignment Group) Hyde Park HQ was a buzz this morning with a mostly ‘full house’ in attendance at the early staff meeting. These type of meetings serve as a valuable engagement tool, has a practical purpose allowing various departments to share important updates, keep everyone on the same page and most importantly provides a valuable reminder to rally behind our company goals.

We shared some laughs, good news and solicit feedback as we tie-up our financial year.

Joelene Roberts leading the meet is always fully transparent about any issues, offering a listening ear and always allows others to include their voice to the discussions.

Better staff meetings
= A better workplace!

And allows our expert TAG consultants to provide you, our customer with a smarter, better seamless travel experience.

That’s the TAG way, we do it differently.

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UK – rail strikes expected July 3 to July 8
Philippines – several international Philippine Airlines flights at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport cancelled
Australia – train delays in Sydney
New Zealand – Heavy rain watch issued
Spain – Pilot strikes continued
Italy – Rail workers across Lombardy to strike June 23
UK – weather warnings issued for south England, parts of the Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland

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