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Back on Qantas or not?

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Back on Qantas or not?
The airline’s previously bleak outlook has now abated somewhat due to advancements in the production & distribution of covid-19 vaccines.
Qantas is hoping to resume international flights by as early as July.

Qantas regional manager Africa, Michi Messner, told Travel News that while the airline intended to resume its services out of SA in July, this was dependent on a number of factors.

She explained that the resumption of international flights was also dependent on Australia reopening borders, while SA’s vaccine roll-out could also be a determining factor.

Qantas ceo, Alan Joyce, has stated that the airline would require passengers to be vaccinated before flying once a vaccine became available.

South Africans hoping to jump on the first Qantas flight to visit friends of family in Australia, delays in the acquisition of Covid-19 vaccines are likely to put the brakes on those travel plans. South Africans are only expected to get the jab sometime near the end of the 2nd quarter of ’21 at the earliest.

Qantas a popular carrier in SA, with the 14-hour non-stop flights between Jhb & Sydney connecting expatriates with family & friends.
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