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Visit + Vaccinate + Vacation…in Zim!

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Travellers wanting to get vaccinated can now travel to Zimbabwe for a quick vaxcation, following approval for Healthpoint Hospital in Harare to privately vaccinate foreign tourists.

The hospital is offering vaccinations to foreigners for just USD100 (R1 375) for both doses of a two-dose vaccination, and is currently in discussions with Zimbabwean government officials about the possibility of launching a similar programme in Victoria Falls which through an early vaccination roll-out in Feb, has achieved herd community.

In the last 24 hours, SA has seen an increase of 11,093 new COVID-19 infections, bringing our active cases to 118,940 & our recoveries to 1,665,540.

Latest #VaccineRollOutSA stats (jabs done by 21 Jun)
1. #Pfizer 1st doses/#JnJ via #Sisonke: 2, 229, 242
2. Pfizer 1st shot: 1, 749, 474
3. Pfizer jabs on Mon, 21 June: 79 206
Stats – 23 June, Total vaccinations administered was 2,229,242 and that relates to 3,80% population vaccinated.

Zimbabwe pulled well ahead of South Africa some time ago with regard to COVID vaccinations, and achieving herd community, now turning its attention to approving programmes that allowed tourists to be vaccinated within Zimbabwe, which would be key to unlocking the recovery of Zimbabwe’s tourism industry.

“If this is not a sign how bad our #VaccineRollOutSA is then I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ come on @HealthZA @PresidencyZA we have to be better” – Jonathan Gerber

Owner of Healthpoint Hospital, Peter Annesley, says,” Zimbabwe has thrown its weight behind the Chinese, Russian and Indian vaccines, which are all two-dose vaccines that can be taken two weeks apart. This means that travellers can either plan a two-week holiday around Zimbabwe or fly into Harare for a morning and then return two weeks later. We are seeing a lot of uptake for the latter arrangement.”

So the better part of this article & news is that you can vacay+vaccinate in Zim and with the great current packages on offer makes for an attractive alternative to the dismal situation here in SA…sad and shocking, right?

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