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Happy Birthday Jonathan Gerber

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🗣O Captain! My Captain!

On #day555lockdown our focus today, is all on 1️⃣ man, Jonathan Gerber TAG (Travel Assignment Group) Ceo, TAG Foundation Co-founder, colleague, family & friend of so many.

🥳On his special birthday day, all accolades, good vibes & positive greetings are extended to 😎The Man, The Myth & The Legend of Mr JG Gerber!!

❤️Look at the love shared by some colleagues & friends⬇️

🗣”JG – Happy Birthday to a man who is an exceptional person, who is kind, loyal & generous. On your birthday I hope you know how much we appreciate you for all that you do everyday. You truly are a legend!!” – Joelene Roberts
🗣”JG The Man – Passionate about his sport, his business & his family. Cares deeply about his staff, and his generosity when it comes to KES & TAG knows no boundaries. Great guy to go into battle with and has always got your back. Kind, straight forward & doesn’t beat around the bush. Compassionate & caring. Sums up Jonathan for me.
JG The Myth – Known to down 12 Jägermeister’s at one sitting. Actually threw 11 of them over his shoulder while no one was looking. True story😋
JG The Legend – His continued support of Arsenal football club is legendary, even though they disappoint him every year. That goes double for the Lions rugby team!” – Gavin Stevens
🗣”JG The Man – he has the ability to bring the best out in you, his belief in your ability making it easier for you to believe in yourself.
JG The Myth – the best game ranger Grootkoppe has ever seen or will ever see again for that matter.
JG The Legend – never letting his guard down, 100% all in all the time getting us all throughout darkest hours.” – Henry Annandale
🗣”Did you now that Jonathan can weather any storm, tough tour group – JG’s got it, keeping TAG motivated – no problem for JG, closing new business deals – just a walk in the park & surviving global pandemics – easy peasy!! Not sure if he is altogether human or if he is part super hero!!” – Kim Parker
🗣”JG the narrator of TAG’s success story, his determination & strong will-power to make TAG succeed, gives his staff the stamina to push forward. Has a heart of gold & inspires one too to give generously to others. Always caring to his TAG tribe, Happy Birthday Captain!” – Zoelfah Martin & Abida Osman
🗣”JG – The Boss Man, has been inspiring, kept us all going & sane for 555 days of lockdown! Happy Birthday Jonathan thank you so much.” – Shirani Gaymans
🗣”For the man who has led us through COVID, lockdown & hard times. Consistently kept us up to date with stats & lots of humour, is so appreciated. Your care for the staff has been phenomenal & is really admired by all – Keep it up Boss!” –Ann (Bobbi) Markantonis
🗣”A gentleman of complete integrity – Happy birthday Jonathan.” –michelle powell

In extraordinary times, the ordinary takes on a glow and wonder all of its own – that’s our Jonny, our JG, our Captain, our TAG Tribe leader, The Man, The Myth, The Legend – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🤩🎂

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