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You’ve picked the destination….

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You’ve picked the destination, planned the itinerary, set-up the meetings, bought the travel bags, and now you just need to pack right?!

Wrong, for international travel, the first-step is to ensure the validity of your passport & to curate all the documents required for international travel. Different countries have different document requirements. Your TAG (Travel Assignment Group) expert agents will advise on those different document requirements & the basic check-list should incl:
☑ passport & travel visa
☑ copies of all your identification docs
☑ travel insurance
☑ air tickets/proof of accommodation
☑ travel itinerary details/copy
☑ any tickets for events/activities
☑ foreign currency

Schengen updates:
The EU plans to raise the fee for Schengen visa applications by 12%, from €80 (R1 630) to €90 (R1 835) for adults. Application fees for children will increase from €40 (R815) to €45 (R917). Kosovo joins EU – All SA Passport holders holding a valid Schengen visa can now visit/enter.

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⚠ Current Schengen visa appointment availability Feb 2024
Belgium – 13 Feb
Finland – 14 Feb
France – 22 Feb
Italy – 13 Feb
Poland – appointment slots open 10th of each month for the following month
Portugal – 13 Feb
📣 REMINDER your visa application ONLY begins once you have attended an appointment – from there 7-15 working days is the standard processing time. The mentioned dates change hourly depending on demand.
UK visas take 3-5 weeks from the date of UK Visa biometric appointment
Appointments for UK Visas generally available within a week
📢 South African passport holders DO REQUIRE a transit visa for the UK

USA ’24 appointments
Jhb – 14 Feb
Cape Town – 13 Feb
Durban – 13 Feb
IF you have had a previous USA visa EXPIRE in the last 48 MONTHS you could qualify for an “appointment waiver”. Regretfully there IS NO option for an earlier appointment unless the traveller has a compassionate case or can demonstrate an URGENT or compelling need for business travel – both of these options will be considered by the USA case officer & a decision can only be made by them.
Canada Visas: current processing time is 205 days from date of biometric collection
Dubai Update: Single entry processing time – 5-7 working days
Multiple entry processing time – 7-10 working days
Saudi Arabia will issue a dedicated visa for exhibitors & visitors to the World Expo to be held in Riyadh in 2030
Kenya Epass visa required, no longer free & processed within 2-3 working days
Malawi waives visas for 47 countries
Australia – Once visa fees are paid, have 2 weeks to process biometrics
‼ Note: Once visa fees are paid to the issuing authority – there are no refunds on ANY visa fees paid ‼

Taggers, do your research, keep your travel documents ready to avoid last-minute challenges. For #peaceofmind travels – use the services of a trusted #travelagent !

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